Mind Games
Eleven-year-old Matthew has the uncanny ability to influence people’s thought processes, sometimes unintentionally. Short of stature, he suffers at the
hands of bullies. To defend himself, Matthew learns to perfect the art of playing games with the bullies' minds.
The story turns deadly when some boys become aware of his powers, befriend him and coerce him into playing dangerous games of criminal

The Starlight Kids, Mystery of the Feather Burglar
After her parents' divorce, Shari is angry, frustrated, and feeling helpless, until she joins the Starlight Kids Club. Who is that strange man packing
boxes late at night in the attic of the house across the street? Why doesn't the home attendant want any kids visiting Mrs. Broderick? Shari is
determined to find out. With the help of her friends, Shari gets her chance to turn a boring summer vacation into a fantastic action packed adventure.

Throwing children of different races together will not automatically foster friendships and deep connections. It takes effort to create multiculturalism
awareness. This teen novel helps to initiate discussions on diversity, stereotyping and privilege. Same age, same height, same grade-they could have
been identical twins, but they were not. Yet they lived in the same imperfect world with overwhelming family problems. Greg's father had walked out
after striking his mother. Steve's father refused to leave after repeatedly abusing his mother. Each boy, in his own way, was begging for help. They
lived in different homes. They had different Personalities  One was black and the other was white and they had switched!

The Intruders
What does a black, a Chinese, an Italian and a Puerto Rican Bronx teen have in common?A thirst for excitement! They get their adventure and more
when they set out to explore an abandoned park in their neighborhood. After falling down a ledge, the teens find that they have time-travelled three
centuries into the future€“in the middle of a war between tribes. Fortunately, one tribe accepts them The teenagers soon find that they have a unique
and thrilling advantage in the conflict. They know the land, and the tribes, who had lost most modern technology, do not. Unfortunately, within weeks,
their adventure became too real as both friends and enemies are getting killed! This is no longer fun. This is war!

Death of the Immortals
Zooric. He was called alien by the Tifoosas, but to him they were the aliens–the invaders. Yet he has pledged to support them in their war with the
Presidential Council. To win the war he has to face his past; he needs the help of his people. To win the war the Tifoosas need him, but they also fear
him and his extraordinary powers. Now into this already murky mix comes an explosive attraction between Zooric and Carrie, the daughter of a