The Intruders: In This Was They Had The Advantage
What does a black, a Chinese, an Italian and a Puerto Rican Bronx teen have in
common?—A thirst for excitement! They get their adventure and more when
they set out to explore a cave in their neighborhood.
After falling down a ledge, the teens find that they have time-travelled three
centuries into the future–in the middle of a war between tribes. Fortunately, one
tribe accepts them.
The teenagers soon find that they have a unique and thrilling advantage in the
conflict. They know the land, and the tribes, who had lost most modern
technology, do not. Unfortunately, within weeks, their adventure became too
real as both friends and enemies are getting killed! This is no longer fun. This is

"An intriguing story of adventure, recommended. It's all fun and games until you
realize the reality of it. The Intruders tells the story of six Bronx teens flung into a
future war where they use their knowledge of the subways to win a war where
the surface of the Bronx has once again become a forest. Initially enjoying their
new found importance, they soon realize war is no game."
-Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

The Intruders is a fascinating, thought-provoking, teen novel. All the obvious
issues are addressed, and there’s a powerful longing for peace and acceptance
beautifully portrayed. Dialog is convincing, relationships very true-to-life,
emotions mixed and genuine, and the story’s intriguing and fun.
-Sheila Deeth, The Writers Network

Before I started reading this book, I thought that it was only for middle school or
high school aged boy. The plot, based on a young urban teen would be enough
to draw any boy that age in. Right away your are thrown into the adventure, and
caught a little off guard by the details of the story. Every page has a new surprise
but the part I loved best was the heartfelt moment where the main character
struggles with showing his true emotions and being a leader to his peers. That
was when I realized that this book is suitable for any age, as it reflects all of our
inner struggles in everyday life. A great read!

I am going to be 60 and I loved The Intruders. Are you planning a sequel? I was
a psychology major with a concentration in children’s' literature and I love teen
books. I really enjoyed this book.

"We can't live here," Angela wailed.

Hamid looked around. "We could try the cave one more time. We're... What's

From the woods came the sounds of yapping and snarling. A dogfight? Here?

"Where's Club?" Hamid looked around frantically. "Club!" he called before
rushing off in the direction of the snarling.

It was a small, rocky clearing only a few feet away and Club was in the middle
of a vicious fight with a coyote. They watched helplessly as the coyote tried to
bite out a chunk of Club's neck. His collar saved him. The coyote's teeth slipped
off harmlessly, and the two animals lunged at each other again.

Derrick grabbed a stout stick and ran forward. He began hammering away at
the coyote's head. With vicious fury the coyote turned to confront this new
attacker. Derrick backed up in surprise but the animal took aim at Derrick's
neck— actually knocking him over— before Club attacked again, this time from
behind. Club's teeth sank into the coyote's neck. The two animals were now
locked together and Club had the upper hand!

The incident had happened so fast, the others were still standing in shock. But
when Derrick went after the coyote again—stick in hand—Hamid screamed at

"Derrick! Leave them! Are you crazy?"


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