One was black and the other was white and they had switched!

After witnessing a violent quarrel between his parents, Greg feels confused, resentful and
angry. His father accused his mother of having an affair fifteen years ago, and if the details
of the affair are true, then the man that Greg had always called father is not his real father.
Even worse is the fact that after striking his mother, Greg’s “father” walks out. Meanwhile,
Greg has only his mother’s word that his father is really his father.
Into this mix comes the link.
Steve hates his stepfather.  He has struggled for years to find out why his mother would
choose to remain with a man who physically abuses her. Steve’s secret fear is that his
stepfather is actually his real father. Frustrated and angry, Steve goes for his stepfather’s
And then there is the link.
Neither boy is able to deal with his family’s problems; each needs help.  And suddenly, help
is available! They switched!  Greg is now faced with Steve’s family’s problems and Steve
has Greg’s. But that’s not all. Suddenly, family matters are no longer the biggest problem.
Because Greg is black and Steve is white, each boy now faces the question of race from a
different perspective. Fearful that no one will believe the switch-- and even more fearful of
becoming experimental subjects-- they struggle on their own to survive.  They are forced to
share information, communicate and–even worse in their eyes¬–get along

‘This book about a black and a white kid switching bodies handles race very well.
This is a brave thing to do and done successfully…. Great character development….’
-Judge's commentary,
Writer's Digest Awards Contest (2010)

An enticing story about a bond between two young teens from different backgrounds.
I was immediately hooked when their strange connection began and loved following their
stories to see how they affected one another’s lives. Both Greg and Steve’s connection
kept me entertained and eager for more. I wonder how their connections began and why
these two teens were “driven” toward one another.
-Jennifer Manente, NYC Public School Teacher

Great read. It never fails to amaze me how an author can conceive of such a potent story
line and at the same time send an important message. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and
will pass it along to my grandchildren and friends.
-Patricia Falco, NYC

Peart shows a gentle understanding of race issues and identity issues among adolescent
males. Although the premise might seem far-fetched, the plot is consistent throughout and
the characters maintain a very balanced development.
–Chris Phillips :Word Coach" (Sandy Springs, GA 30328)

Linked tells the tale of two teens, one black, one white, whose lives are oddly similar
despite their obvious differences. Unfortunately for them (or perhaps fortunately) their lives
are also linked. When family problems stretch relationships with those they love to breaking
point, this curious link between two boys who’ve never even met grows suddenly strong.
Linked is a fast-moving story. There’s no long lingering thoughts and diatribes. But the
thoughts that the tale inspires linger long after the telling. A fun teenage novel, with a neat
mix of action, science fiction and social science, and some wise lessons to learn.
-Sheila Deeth, The Writers Network
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