Mammography and Breast Imaging PREP: Program Review and
Exam Prep

Written by an experienced radiography educator and clinician, Mammography & Breast
Imaging Prep, Second Edition summarizes the mammography curriculum in a concise,
accessible narrative to help students understand and remember key concepts.

This study guide provides a thorough overview of breast imaging and patient care,
including breast anatomy, physiology and pathology, digital and analog breast imaging
equipment, quality control, interventional techniques, and treatment options. (Including
new imaging methods and recent advances in digital mammography, MRI, BSGI, DBT,
volumtetric ultrasound imaging, and Cone Beam Breast CT.)

This essential review is bolstered by chapter-ending review questions with answer
explanations that reference the text, allowing learners to gauge their comprehension of
important material. Learning aids, such as objectives and glossaries at the beginning of
each chapter, help students recognize and understand concepts that are likely to appear
on the exam.

• Numerous radiographs teach students to recognize good vs. bad images, normal
circumscribed lesions, and breast calcifications

• High-quality diagrams help students determine correct patient positioning consistent
with the American College of Radiography and the Mammography Quality Control

• Reinforces classroom learning, while preparing students for certification
Mammography and Breast Imaging: Just the Facts

This text offers a comprehensive yet concise coverage of breast cancer imaging, breast
anatomy, plus accreditation and certification of mammography facilities. It is ideal for
mammographers, educators, health care professionals and others interested in breast

  • Its highly efficient design conveniently condenses and simplifies only the most
    important content, for maximum yield and comprehension.
  • Standardized bulleted format emphasizes key points for breast anatomy, physiology,
    pathology, interventional procedures, mammographic technique, image evaluation
    and all current and experimental breast imaging modalities.
  • Logical organization provides quick access to specific topics.
  • Line drawing and radiographic images demonstrates positioning techniques and
    diagnostic comparisons.
  • Chapter quizzes improve self-assessment.
  • Best preparation for the ARRT mammography exam.

The twelve chapters cover:
  •    The history of breast cancer
  •    Patient education and assessment
  •    Breast anatomy and physiology
  •    Benign and malignant diseases of the breast
  •    Mammography screening equipment
  •    Mammographic processing and quality assurance
  •    Breast imaging using the current and most of the new and experimental modalities
  •    Breast cancer interventional techniques and treatment options
  •    An outline of the Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1992

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Program Review and Exam Prep,
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