After her parents' divorce, Shari is angry, frustrated, and feeling helpless–until she joins the Starlight Kids Club.
Who is that strange man packing boxes late at night in the attic of the house across the street? Why doesn't the
home attendant in that house want any kids visiting Mrs. Broderick? Shari is determined to find out. With the
help of her friends, Shari gets her chance to turn a boring summer vacation into a fantastic action-packed

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Library of Congress Control Number: 2015901903
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Paperback: 160 pages

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Praise for The Starlight Kids: Mystery of the Feather Burglar

Divorce, friendship and empowerment are all addressed in this very readable kid-friendly book. The kids do eventually bring the adults in to
help but only after it's nearly too late.
-Judge's comment. 2015 Benjamin Franklin Young Reader award

This is a nice mystery story for kids, with enough real danger involved that they don't feel like the story has been written in such a way this it's
talking down to them. There are some real issues that kids deal with thrown in too, making the narrative believable and real.
-Judge's comment. 2015 Benjamin Franklin Young Reader award