Olive Peart MS. RT (R)(M)

Author & Educator

I am Olive Peart, an established author, educator, and radiographer. I have also worked as a healthcare and radiology subject matter editor and have presented webinars and seminars on mammography and other radiography-related topics.

I have had the privilege of lecturing both nationally and internationally on radiologic and mammography-related subjects. My published works have appeared in various radiology and related magazines, including Radiologic Technology: The Journal of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT)

 I have authored several textbooks including Mammography and Breast Imaging Prep, a comprehensive breast imaging textbook; Lange Q&A Mammography Examination, a mammography question and answer review book; Radiographic Projections & Positioning Guide: Imaging Procedures, a positioning and procedure reference guide; The Dangers of Medical Radiation, which was reviewed by ASRT Scanner; Spanish for Professionals in Radiology, an English to Spanish translation of often-used, technical terms and radiologic instructions; Mammography and Breast Imaging: Just the Facts; and Radiography Flashcards.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and writing, and I have written several young adult and adult fiction and non-fiction books. 

I write fiction using the pseudonyms Jo Dinage and Liv Joanka. My young adult titles are Khenan and the Bullies, Mind Games, The Starlight Kids, Mystery of the Feather Burglar, Linked and The Intruders. My adult fiction titles are In Love with and Alien, She Likes Sugar and Death of the Immortals.

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