The Intruders – in This War They Had the Advantage

The Intruders – in This War They Had the Advantage

The Intruders – in This War They Had the Advantage
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Bronze prize winner in the 15th Annual Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, E-Book Young Adult Fiction category.

Six Bronx teens have one thing in common: a thirst for excitement! They get that and more when they set out to explore a neglected tract of land in their neighborhood and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. After falling down a ledge, the teens find that they have traveled three centuries into the future and are stuck in the middle of a war between the two tribes that now inhabit New York City. Now, they must pick a tribe to protect. Soon they realize that they have the advantage! They know the land—the forgotten subway lines—and where to find supplies buried in the rubble of long-abandoned buildings. Unfortunately, within weeks, their adventure becomes all too real as brother turns against brother, friends become enemies, and people are being killed! This is no longer fun. This is war!

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